I am Dating a great Although Not Hot Man. Should I Stop It?

Reader matter:

Im an university freshman and was extremely attractive. You will find connected together with the hottest kids inside the college but not one have actually changed into relationships.

Im now special with a wonderful but not-so-hot guy, and everybody is actually judging me for this. I am not that keen on this person physically, but his personality and buddies are typical fantastic.

I would like to date him, but I feel like i’m deciding and could get someone who i prefer far more. Do I need to finish it or not?

-Elizabeth (Connecticut)

Gina Stewart’s Answer:

Elizabeth, In my opinion you answered your own personal question. You stated you connected because of the hottest dudes and none have actually turned into connections. Absolutely a road you don’t have to drop to know what’s at the end of it.

You are with some guy just who allows you to happy. He doesn’t need to pass anyone else’s expectations. Discovering some body you love is difficult sufficient. If you have found that with him, give consideration to your self fortunate yet others will think you lucky, as well.

If you believe you are able to like someone much more, then you definitely’re maybe not carrying this out poor guy any favors. Permit him discover a lady that will value him.

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